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Modern & Premium Solid Beech, Walnut & Oak Industrial Dining Tables. Customise Your Table by Combining Wood and Metal Table Components to Make Modern, Elegant & Rustic Dining Tables


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We're part of the Global Plant a Tree Project! When You Buy a Table, We Plant Trees!

For every dining table or product we sell, we plant a minimum of 1 tree by donating to ONE TREE PLANTED. So far we have planted over 200 trees in the Andes. Check out we’re making a difference


Lorraine B
Lorraine B
Solid oak dining table
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The items are great quality, really chunky wood that is complemented by the black steel legs and the chairs are comfy and stylish. Customer service communications were excellent and the team also assembled all our goods. Really happy with the service and the products. Definitely recommend.
Mrs Drake
Mrs Drake
From start to finish a very…Table&Bench set in washed Oak
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From start to finish a very professional experience. Ordered, arrived on time, was put up for me in my kitchen , all socially distanced & masks worn. The table and bench set is very sturdy , looks just as described on site. Gorgeous furniture. 100% highly recommend. Thank you
Pauline H
Pauline H
My dinning table is stunning
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My dinning table is stunning, I’m actually blown away with it. The quality, craftsmanship and finish is amazing. I didn’t expect for the guys to delivery and put everything together - nice touch and 5 stars for service. Will definitely be ordering more items in the future. Would highly recommend PÖYTÄ 😀 Thank you so so much.
Smita Choksi
Smita Choksi
Top Quality Service
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My coffee table arrived yesterday and I love it! It’s a top quality natural oak live edge and looks fab in my living room. The guys offered to fit it for me too which I didn’t expect and was appreciated. Excellent service! Will definitely be ordering again and Poyta your already recommended to a friend.

At PÖYTÄ, we only use premium grade oak, beech ash and walnut wood & industrial steel for our dining tables and give you the ability to customise or create your very own bespoke table for your dining room or kitchen

At PÖYTÄ, YOU ARE THE CREATOR! You can choose from the multiple solid wooden table tops and steel table legs to create your custom dining table. Your home is unique to you and you should be able to design bespoke dining table that suits your taste. It’s important to us that you’re happy with your dining furniture so we offer 30 day returns & free shipping on all orders.

Why Solid Wood? Solid wood not only let’s you connect with real natural wood, it is also hard wearing, and will last a lifetime. We only source premium grade materials such as hardwood and high strength steel. Our wood is sustainably sourced and is FSC® certified. 

Whether you’re looking for a desk or a dining table and chairs, have a go a building your own custom table with the Build Your Table tool

You’ve heard the saying they don’t make furniture like they did in the old days but not anymore. Newer furniture is often made of veneer which is a thin layer of ‘solid wood’ usually 2-3mm which is glued on to an mdf core or chip board from the left over wood chippings of solid wood. These materials are often cheap to manufacture and often aren’t long-lasting. 

Solid wood furniture is made from real wood boards which are glued together, retaining its strength, durability and natural character. This ensures you have a dining table that is built to last many years and gives the natural feel, colour we love about wood. 

All PÖYTÄ dining tables are made from real Solid Wood.

You may have heard the phrase they don’t make furniture like they used to. This is because more modern furniture are commonly  made from chipboard or left over wood chippings which are compressed and glued together – this is called a Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). Another cheap method is to use veneer which is simply sticking a think sheet of wood to an engineered MDF core and although sometimes appears like real wood this is often similar to laminate furniture.

Solid wood is pure natural hardwood which sourced directly from trees, planed to the right size and finished often to a choice of your preference from oil, stain, wax or lacquer which will bring out the natural colour, grains and knots of the wood which wont appear in MDF. Unlike MDF and veneered woods, it is hard wearing, strong and due to this is often also found in use to support structural requirements such as oak beams for roofing and so for dining furniture, it is built to last. 

At PÖYTÄ, we only use solid wood dining tables as we understand the importance of quality furniture and ensure our tables are built to last.

Solid wood tables use real wood boards which are glued together, often along the full length and are then planed ready for finishing with oil or lacquer.

Here are a few things to be aware of:

Thickness: All of our dining tables at approx 40 – 42mm thick. 

Full Stave: This means the wood plank runs along the whole length of the table top and is often more expensive. All of our solid wood table tops are full stave with the exception of Beech which is finger-jointed jigsaw style.

Finger-jointed Jigsaw: this is when smaller pieces are joined together to give a jigsaw look. We have consciously chosen to have the Beech table top arranged in a jigsaw fashion as it creates a unique modern look.

To preserve the natural character of the other woods we only offer these in full stave however we can source them in a jigsaw arrangement or a thickness of your choice. This can be requested via the Bespoke Table form.

That’s entirely your choice. All solid hardwoods have similar characteristics in their strength and durability however vary in appearance and colour. 

Ash – Naturally a pale white hardwood with a light pinkish colour. We offer Ash in its natural appearance or with a modern grey stain.

Beech – A solid hard wood, commonly used in kitchen table worktops often finger-jointed giving a lovely jigsaw formation. Beech is widely available and offers as a cost effective option vs the other solid woods whilts retaining the strenght and durability you’d want from your furniture.

Oak – A very popular hardwood which has a natural golden appearance and commonly used not only for furniture but also for structural use, staircases and flooring. Oak can be stained to offer either a grey or darker brown appearance. 

Walnut – A luxurious dark wood usually sourced from America. We use full stave boards for Walnut meaning the table tops will have plank running along the full length of the table.

The Solid Wood we use are FSC certified ensuring our wood is well maintained and forests are maintained.

For every Solid Wood dining table we sell we donate tot he global plant a tree project to ensure we do our part to support our ecosystem.

We recommend you keep your dining table clear of any residues and wipe down with a slightly damp (not wet) cloth after each sitting. You can use a surface cleaner to clean the surface and wipe down after each use. 

Wood is a natural material and should be taken care of by oiling regularly. Please do not use any abrasive materials to prevent scratches and enhancing its longevity.

Can I place hot pots and pans on my table top? You should not place any hot or wet pans directly on to the surface of the wood. You must use a heat table mat to protect the surface.

Ideally you must re-oil your table top with some maintenance oil every 9 to 12 months to continue its longevity. For more information check out our Aftercare page.


Can't find the perfect PÖYTÄ?

At PÖYTÄ, YOU ARE THE CREATOR! If you have a material in mind to create the perfect table for your home, just let us know by writing to us via BESPOKE TABLE. One of our specialists will be on hand to create the perfect table for you!